NALTech is a company registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956, with an eminent Board consisting of former and present Directors of National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) and few very senior reputed retired scientists/ technocrats from leading aerospace organizations. The entire Board of Directors including the Chairman, Managing Director and Executive Director render honorary services.

The main objectives pursued by the company, as per its Memorandum and Article of Association, is to assist in Research & Development and help promotion of the technologies developed by NAL and other Aerospace and Production organizations of the Govt/Public and Private units, located anywhere in country, in every possible and conceivable manner and assist in the execution of projects.

NALTech operates as a vital link between CSIR-NAL and industries. It helps in bridging the gap between technology generators and users.

Board of Directors

Sl.No Photos Name Designation Profile
1 Shri M R Sivaraman Chairman Former Director General of Civil Aviation; Revenue Secretary, Ministry of Finance Govt of India and Executive Director, IMF, Washington, Advisor UN Security Council Committee on Counter Terrorism.
2 Dr. A R Upadhya Director Outstanding Scientist. Former Director NAL and Former Project Director (Structural Technology)/ Associate Program Director (LCA Navy) ADA. Presently, Dr. Raja Ramana DRDO Distinguished Fellow at ADA.
Dr. R V Krishnan Director Former Advisor (Management and administration) and Head, Materials Science Division, NAL.
4 Shri Shyam Chetty Director Director of CSIR- NAL, Outstanding Scientist, Project Director of National Control Law team- LCA, Fellow, Aeronautical Society of India & Indian National Academy Of Engineering.
5 Mr. Arunakar Mishra Director Former Director, NAL, Sr. Research investigator, International Flame Research Foundation, Holland, Res Eng, English Electric, UK.
6 Dr. K Sham Sunder Hon. Managing Director Outstanding Scientist. Former Project Director & Secretary-ADA.
7 Dr. Ranjan Moodithaya Hon. Executive Director Former Head, Knowledge and Technology Management Division and Head, Acoustic Test Facility, NAL.
8 D P Rao Company Secretary / Finance officer General Manager and Executive Director (Finance) - HAL..