Support to CSIR- NAL for execution of work packages in scientific projects.

In pursuance of its objectives, NALTech has been offering its services in the form of work packages to CSIR-NAL for the last two decades. Based on NAL requirement, NALTech hires graduate/post graduate engineers and retired scientists/ experts to support the execution of these work-packages. NALTech has plans to extend its services to other aerospace organizations. It can access a pool of experts in multiple disciplines related to aerospace, to support their needs.

Support to Academic Institutions for their faculty requirements.

In the recent past, it is learnt that academic institutions are facing severe shortage of qualified personnel, for their faculty requirements. During the deliberations in one of the Board meetings of NALTech, it was felt that since the Scientists/Engineers superannuated from reputed institutions can meet such requirements, NALTech should help play a vital role in getting the services of theses personnel to the academic institutions. As a follow up to such a suggestion, NALTech is now in the process of establishing a new stream of operations, called ‘Academy Support’, where in it proposes to build a data bank of retired scientists/engineers, whose expertise, knowledge and rich experience in multiple fields can be channelized to academic institutions for ‘Teaching Assignments’.

Support to small scale aerospace industries for their highly skilled and technical manpower requirements.

NALTech is steadily diversifying its activities to achieve the broader goal of assisting Research and Development in aerospace sector by establishing a data bank of retired scientists, engineers and designers for supporting the requirements of small scale aerospace industries, for talented and experienced manpower. The expertise, knowledge and potential of the superannuated scientists, with rich experience to their credit, can be a value addition to their Research and Development activities.