NALTech has an agreement with CSIR-NAL to operate as an enabling agency to support NAL for its technology transfers (TT) and public private partnerships (PPP).

CSIR-NAL being a premier National Aerospace Laboratory has established centers of excellence in the following fields:

  • Surface Engineering.
  • Aero Engine Application Technology.
  • Propulsion technology for Aero thermal.
  • Fabrication Technology concurring/cobonding construction.
  • Repair Technologies for damaged Aircraft Structure.
  • Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) Technologies.
  • Design and development of composite structure.
  • Airborne Radomes & shafts -Resin Injection Moulding (RIM).
  • Indigenous Autoclave Technology.
  • Carbon Fibres & Prepegs.
  • Failure Analysis and Accident Investigation.
  • NALSUNs Solar Energy.
  • Active vibration control technology.
  • Surface modification technologies.
  • Drishti.
  • Vacuum Enhanced Resin Infusion Technology.
  • Helmet Active Noise Control.
  • Technologies for Research simulators.
  • Technology Development of PZT actuators.
  • Cost Effective Wear Resistant Ni-SiC composite coating.

For more details on the above expertise, one is encouraged to visit CSIR-NAL’s website at ‘’.

Organisations in need of Technology support in any of the above fields may approach NALTech with details of their requirements.